Sisters' Brew

Sisters' Brew offers a relaxing atmosphere with plenty of comfortable seating. Our goal is to have a seat for every type of person! We have couches, work/study tables, easy chairs, tall tables, window seats, cafe tables, desks, pillows, and even a few blankets if you get cold.

At Sisters' Brew, you can be assured of a quality drink - espresso, latte, mocha, smoothie, Italian soda, lemonade, etc. - delivered to you in whichever seat you have chosen.

Sisters' Brew is a family-owned business that opened in Moscow, Idaho in March 2007. It is owned by Tim and Gina Rich along with their two daughters (the “sisters” in Sisters’ Brew) Ashley and Dallas. This is a family-owned business. We are in no way affiliated with any churches, political groups, etc.

Even though Tim started his life in Kansas and Gina in Philadelphia, they ended up spending most of their 20 years of marriage in Texas - they met on a blind date while both serving in the United States Air Force. Together they home-schooled their two daughters, had successful jobs, and lived in a beautiful home on 3.5 acres. Despite all this, something was missing….time spent together. Even though they enjoyed, somewhat, their busy lifestyle they longed for more time together as a family. Born from that longing came the “crazy” idea to leave their successful careers, sell their house and most of their belongings, and move to a state in which they had never lived before. All of their friends and family told them they were crazy.

Gina’s dream had always been to own her own coffee house, but where? Since implementing such a dream affected everyone in the family, they needed to be certain the next place they called home was approved by each member of the family. Along came, a web site now featured on the Moscow Chamber’s web page. Long story, short…the Rich family ended up in Moscow, ID and has never regretted the move. It turns out their crazy idea could not have been more sane.

The town of Moscow has welcomed Sisters’ Brew with open arms since the day they opened for business and for that the Rich family will always be grateful.

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